J. Garcia Carrion


As one of the world’s largest wine producers, Dynasty is also the largest wine producer and trader in France, selling 11 bottles of wine every second.

GCF Group is a family business founded in 1979 by CEO Joseph Helfrich. It has now evolved into one of the largest wine producer and trader in France with turnover of €750 million, of which 73% are sold to other European or overseas markets. On average, 11 bottles are sold per second!


When Dynasty and GCF formed a collaborative relationship, the Sino-French wine conglomerate composed a beautiful poetry of wine. After several decades of partnership, Dynasty and GCF signed an agreement to make GCF the exclusive distributor of Dynasty wines in Europe.

GCF CEO Joseph Helfrich visited Tianjin Dynasty International Wine Business Co., Ltd. several times to negotiate long term collaboration, while the leader of Dynasty also visited GCF’s major production bases and vineyards to learn and share experience with each other, in turn solidifying the long-lasting partnership.


On October 15, the CEO, Marketing Director, Sales Director and master blenders of GCF headed to Tianjin to visit Dynasty’s winery. Within the spectacular winery, the largest in Asia, Dynasty’s Executive Director Bai Zhi-Sheng invited the entourage from GCF to visit its wine culture exhibition hall and cellar.

As the saying goes “Great Minds Think Alike”, Bai Zhi-Sheng and Joseph Helfrich also share the same mind, therefore they collaborated to create a series of classic wines by adhering to French AOC wine standards and by using materials and packing materials imported from France to produce the best quality wine.