Bama Spring

Bama Spring


Bama Spring Uni-President Natural Mineral Water

Pioneer of healthy, high quality water extracted from the world-renowned village of longevity. Taking you to explore the secret of longevity!

The water is extracted from Bama, the Longevity Village in Guangxi. As one of the five major longevity villages in the world, Bama also has the highest concentration of centenarians. The secret behind the longevity of Bama residents is closely related to its geographical environment, climate and water. In particular, water quality is said to be the most important factor.

Along the 82km journey of the Panyang River, four sections become parts of a subterranean river that flows through four karst caves, thereby enriching the water with abundant minerals. The reason for Bama residents’ longevity is closely related to the geographical environment, climate and water. In particular, water quality is said to be the most important factor.

※ According to the founder of Natural Medicine Society Keiichi Morishita:
“Bama is paradise on Earth, and it is the perfect residential place to maintain human health and survival. Just like the Dragon’s Ball in Chinese mythology, Bama’s water is the water of longevity.”

Bama Spring (統一巴馬) features the following characteristics:
1. Alkaline water facilitates the body constitution adjustments.
2. The small-molecule water is easily absorbed by the body.
3. Rich in natural minerals and trace elements.

The longevity of people relies on the concept of healthcare. Natural therapy is adopted, where medicine is replaced by food, food is replaced by water and dietetic therapy gives way to water therapy. According to the WHO, 70% of the human body consists of water, and 80% of diseases are originate from water. If the water problem is solved, almost all diseases can be eliminated, therefore drinking good water ensures effective absorption by the body in order to maintain health and youthfulness!

Bama Spring

※ According to UN regulations, in order to be classified as a “longevity village”, its population must have over 75 centenarians among every one million people. Currently, there are only six longevity villages recognized by the Natural Medicine Society. In the fifth census conducted in 2008, of the total population of 240,000, Bama County has 3,160 senior citizens aged between 80 to 99 and 74 centenarians, far exceeding the standard of 7 in 100,000 required for a longevity village, thus making it the capital of longevity in the world.