Kaisi Oolong Tea

Kaisi Oolong Tea

Kaisi Oolong Tea

Absolutely no additives are added to preserve the tea’s original flavor.

Insist in returning to the essence of tea-drinking to savor the sweet, aromatic and pure taste.

Kaisi, the first bottled tea!

Kaisi Oolong Tea (開喜烏龍茶) was launched in Taiwan in 1985 to become the first pop can oolong tea in the country. The product became extremely popular and pioneered a new tea-drinking trend in Taiwan!

After Kaisi Oolong Tea (開喜烏龍茶) was launched, it not only changed the Taiwanese public’s tea-drinking habit but also started the trend for drinking bottled tea. Today, drinking bottled or canned tea has almost become a national phenomenon, and it all began with Kaisi Oolong Tea (開喜烏龍茶).


Kaisi “New Generation” subverts Taiwanese tea drinking culture!

n 1985, Kaisi’s brand manager perceived the popularity and deep-rooted nature of tea culture among people in Taiwan; whether it is friends chatting outside a temple or receiving guests, people are always drinking tea. Therefore he came up with the idea of bottled oolong tea. At the time, it was very difficult to change people’s habit of brewing hot tea themselves, hence Kaisi Oolong Tea (開喜烏龍茶) was not immediately accepted by the market when it was launched, and product sales faced serious jeopardy. When Kaisi unveiled a series of innovative TV commercials under the theme of “New Generation People” and “Kaisi Grandma”, the campaign sparked immense interest in the market and changed Taiwanese people’s habit of drinking hot tea completely. Moreover, the non tea-drinking younger generation also began to accept and recognize Taiwan’s new tea culture.

An essential product of the outdoor feast – Authentic Taiwanese flavor is the best!

The playful images of Kaisi Grandma at an outdoor feast have certainly left an indelible impression among consumers. While enjoying the sumptuous feast, everyone is accustomed to drinking a glass of Kaisi Oolong Tea (開喜烏龍茶) to remove the oiliness of the food. The rustic image of Kaisi Grandma has solidified Kaisi Oolong Tea (開喜烏龍茶)’s leadership position in the outdoor feast market.

Far infrared tea roasting technique

The technique helps to protect the tea leaves during the roasting process by preventing them from becoming acidic due to oxidation. It also revitalizes the water molecules in the tea leaves, thereby masking the bitterness and completely preserves the original, fresh flavor of the tea.