SINGHA Lager Beer (can)

The no.1 beer brand in Thailand “SINGHA Lager Beer ” established its first beer factory by the Chao Phraya River in 1933. Even now, the label still insists in using the highest quality, 100% pure barley to create the beer’s unique fragrance and elegant bitterness. Thorough meticulous quality control, the authentic Thai beer with golden bubbles was conceived.

With a foamy head and smooth, refreshing taste, as well as the enchanting fragrance of honey, even the King of Thailand cannot resist its charisma, making SINGHA the royal beer brand in Thailand. As a result, SINGHA Lager Beer  has not only dominated the Siamese Peninsula market but also became the icon of Thai beer!

SINGHA Beer is the largest exported beer brand in Thailand, which is marketed in over 40 countries globally. Furthermore, SINGHA Lager Beer is also the only Thai beer ranked as one of the top five beers in Asia.


Belgium’s Gold Medal Award of Quality
International Trophy for Quality from Spain
World Brew Association Gold Medal Award
American Tasting Institute Best Asian Beer
Australian International Beer Awards Gold Medal Award


Specifications of Product

Country of origin:Thailand

Contents: 330ml

Beer type: Lager

Packing material: Can

Shelf life: 12 months

Quantity: 24 bottles/case