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Tait Important Events  
The Tait Marketing & Distribution Co., Ltd. has been around for over 170 years since the time of establishment .The Company is one of the oldest trading companies in Taiwan and is a trusted international brand by the global consumers.
In January, “UNI DESSERT” introduced a new version of their grass jelly, with an upgraded flavor and a softer, melt-in-your-mouth texture. It's made from carefully selected dried Chinese mesona and topped with a smooth creamer, presenting a classic good taste.

In January, The Swedish brand "OATLY" launched a low-fat oat milk that is lactose-free, cholesterol-free and suitable for vegans, offering a refreshing taste and a great dietary choice for sports enthusiasts!

In March, “UNI DESSERT” released a new version of their brown sugar tofu pudding. The flavor is enhanced by the addition of Japanese-imported "Sanonto" sugar in the brown sugar syrup. The unique and mellow sweetness of the high-quality "Sanonto" sugar is paired with the soft and tender tofu pudding, creating a delightful combination of rich soybean aroma and brown sugar flavor.

In March, we launched "Cofama" a sparkling wine Cava crafted through our own expertise. It is made using native Spanish grapes: Trepat, Garnacha, Monastrell, Xarel·lo and Parellada, blending them to create an innovative yet elegantly traditional flavor of a Spanish sparkling wine.

In April, “UNI DESSERT” introduced a new version of their cocoa cornflake panna cotta, with an upgraded flavor. Domestically sourced milk is blended with Hokkaido Tokachi whipping cream, resulting in a denser texture and a more aromatic milk flavor. Paired with crispy cocoa cornflakes, it offers a multi-layered taste that's irresistible to the taste buds.

In April, “UNI DESSERT” released a new version of their caramel pudding, featuring Hokkaido Tokachi whipping cream. The product features the use of authentic ingredients and slow cooking, with a combination of egg × whipping cream complemented by a sweet and slightly salty brown sugar sea salt-flavored syrup, delivering a delightful sweetness. The rich egg and cream fill your mouth with a pleasant aroma, perfectly combining with the brown sugar sea salt-flavored syrup, creating a taste that rivals handmade desserts!

In May, “UNI DESSERT” launched a new version of their brown sugar lemon Aiyu jelly. The provided syrup offers a golden proportion of brown sugar and tangy lemon for an even better taste. Imported Japanese "Sanonto" sugar is added, which brings a unique mellow sweetness to the sweet and tangy mix. Paired with their carefully selected Aiyu jelly, it makes for a cool and spongy treat, perfect for savoring in the midsummer heat!

In May, we launched a special ice cream dessert from “Morinaga & Co., Ltd.”, French Style Crêpe Ice Cream (Vanilla Flavor) The appearance resembles a triangular French crêpe with a chewy texture, which envelops vanilla ice cream and cocoa sauce, with crispy cookies adorning the top, providing a layered sensation with every bite. To celebrate the 100th anniversary of the launch of Marie Biscuit, a limited-time special campaign featuring Marie Biscuit Sandwich Caramel Ice Cream was launched. In 2023, Morinaga partnered with Japan's well-known Komeda's Coffee to launch cross-over products supervised by Komeda’s Coffee, and packaging design carrying a touch of the vintage Showa era style. The design drew inspiration from the nostalgic Strawberry Au Lait to develop Komeda's Iced Coffee Float Strawberry Au Lait Sundae. These carefully designed limited-edition ice cream products represent Morinaga's constant pursuit of delicious, joyful and healthy treats, offering a culinary feast for dessert and food enthusiasts.

In June, we introduced Morinaga Ice Box (White Peach Flavor) from "Morinaga & Co., Ltd." made with 80% white peach juice rich in natural sweetness, providing a refreshing and delightful taste. The popular White Peach flavor captures the intense sweetness and delightful texture of a whole white peach, frozen for your enjoyment.

In June, Swedish brand "OATLY" released high-calcium oat milk, which is lactose-free, cholesterol-free, and suitable for vegans. The product helps maintain bone health and is suitable for people of all ages!

In June, "UFC" launched Coconut Water with Watermelon, carefully selecting local Thai watermelon and high-quality coconut. This product is fat-free, contains no added sugar and has no artificial flavors, making it a healthy and refreshing choice!

In July, "KAISI" Oolong Tea introduced a limited-edition summer packaging with the concept of “Drink KAISI, Bring Auspicious Blessings”. The product line includes options for both sweetened and unsweetened versions to cater to consumers praying for good fortune and relationships. The sweetened version features the "Goddess of Wealth" to pray for favorable stock market performance and business success. The unsweetened version features the "Goddess of Love" to pray for lasting relationships and assistance from benefactors. KAISI collaborated with the well-known content creator and influencer HowHow to create promotional videos with a humorous storyline to attract the attention of young consumers. The combination of clever packaging and marketing activities during the peak season of the Ghost Festival is expected to create excellent sales and promotes the concept of using "KAISI" for worshipping and offerings. It also aims to familiarize more young people with the "KAISI" brand, achieving the goal of rejuvenating the brand.

In July, "NIJIYA" introduced a new category of alcoholic beverages, the Microcarbonated Cocktail Series. These drinks contain a minimum of 50% fruit juice and feature rich and full-bodied fruity aromas. The gentle microcarbonated bubbles provide a delightful mouthfeel, combined with the intense flavors of Japanese fruit juices, creating an irresistible sensation in the mouth.

In September, we launched "Duchessa Lia Brachetto D'ACQUI Sweet Red Sparkling Wine" from Piedmont, Italy. It features aromas of violet, geranium flowers, fresh fruits like black currants and cranberries and candy. The taste is sweet and harmonious, with just the right level of acidity.
In January, we commenced distribution of "IRVINS" products, famed for its special salted egg yolk formula combined with delicious fish skin, offering the most authentic Singaporean flavor.

In February, "NIJIYA" launched a new product, Strawberry Popsicles. These popsicles have a juice content of 25% and are enhanced with strawberry seeds to add texture, providing a taste similar to enjoying a whole strawberry. The sweet and tangy flavor pairs perfectly with the creamy texture, making them an irresistible delight.

In March, "NIJIYA" introduced a new product, the Sundae Ice Cream Cup Series. The product combines dessert characteristics to enhance the ice cream experience while satisfying the consumers' desires for both desserts and ice cream.

In March, we introduced “Morinaga & Co., Ltd’s.” adorable and delicious Zebra Stripe Chocolate Ice Cream, which has an appearance resembling zebra stripes, making for an irresistible adorable design. Furthermore, Morinaga has even released three random packaging designs featuring hand-drawn zebras and cows, adding more fun and entertainment to the product. The ice cream itself features vanilla-flavored ice cream wrapped around crispy cocoa sauce, providing a delightful and crunchy texture with every bite. It's undoubtedly an excellent choice loved by adults and children alike.

In May, we introduced “Morinaga & Co., Ltd.’s” Frozen Coffee Float Sundae by Komeda's Coffee. It uses coffee frappe as the base, paired with two-tone ice cream, creating a sophisticated, bittersweet flavor. The addition of cocoa nibs enhances the texture, providing a completely new coffee experience. This is a delightful taste that no coffee enthusiast should miss.

In June, we introduced “Morinaga & Co., Ltd.'s” popular and highly attractive ice cream, the Morinaga Seika Chocolate Ice Bar . This ice cream features a charming chocolate bar-shaped appearance, appealing to consumers who love delicious ice cream. Apart from its enticing appearance, each bite reveals a rich vanilla ice cream core. This delightful combination brings continuous surprises to dessert lovers! The product features a Belgian chocolate outer layer with a vanilla ice cream center, delivering a crunchy and addictive sensation with each bite.

In June, “UNI DESSERT” collaborated with Thai five-star chef Ah Ming (Phonlaphat Sudsaidee) to develop a classic Southeast Asian dessert called Bubur cha cha. The product uses creamy coconut milk and combines it with ingredients like atap seed, jackfruit, pineapple, sweet potatoes and sago pearls, offering a rich and diverse texture. After its launch, the product received rave reviews online and achieved remarkable sales.

In June, we began representing brands under Japan's "Morinaga Milk Industry Co., Ltd. " We introduced three popular Japanese ice cream brands: Pino, a bite-sized chocolate ice cream with a 45-year history of success in Japan; PARM, known for its smooth and rich ice cream that melts in the mouth; and the classic and exceptional MOW series of popular ice creams in the Japanese market.

In June, we launched the Bordeaux series of French wines. These wines are made from selected grapes from the southern region of France, offering a full and rich wine body with mature red fruit aromas. The wine features a balanced and smooth body, delivering well-rounded fruity notes.

In July, “UNI DESSERT” introduced a new product, Oat Milk Yogurt, in response to the rising global trend of environmental and health consciousness and the popularity of plant-based dairy products. This yogurt is made using Swedish “OATLY” oat milk and soy milk, with no dairy products used. It is complemented with brown sugar sea salt-flavored syrup to enhance a refreshing taste, providing consumers with a more diverse selection of plant-based dessert options.

In July, “UNI DESSERT” collaborated with trendy dessert shop “Hope Mung Bean Soup” in Taichung, Taiwan, to upgrade and launch the Konjac Jelly, Coix Seed and Mung Bean Soup. The product features carefully selected plump Australian mung beans, combined with coix seed and chewy honey konjac jelly, resulting in a refreshing and richly delicious dessert soup that's perfect for cooling off in the hot summer!

In July, we launched Secret Stone Sauvignon Blanc. This wine is selected from the wine-producing region of Marlborough region in the Wairau Valley, South Island, New Zealand. It features flavors of currants and citrus, blending notes of herbs and tropical fruits. The wine has a clean and fresh body with a refreshing aftertaste.

In August, “Morinaga & Co., Ltd.” celebrated its 20th anniversary of selling Morinaga Milk Caramel Ice Cream Sandwich in Taiwan! Morinaga collaborated with singer A-FÜ Teng to launch a short video that showcases the multi-layered texture and rich caramel aroma of Milk Caramel Ice Cream Sandwiches. A lucky draw event was held to express gratitude for the long-term support of every consumer and promises to bring more delicious surprises in the future, enjoying good times with Morinaga!

In August, we introduced the popular classic Morinaga ChocoBall from “Morinaga & Co., Ltd.” These snacks feature a rich aroma of peanuts with a crispy outer layer, coated in the classic peanut flavor of cocoa. The series also offers a chocolate-covered crispy rice snack with a strawberry cocoa outer layer. Morinaga ChocoBall is a multi-layered delicious treat that you definitely shouldn't miss!

In September, we introduced a series of biscuits from “Morinaga & Co., Ltd.” The series includes the classic Morinaga Moonlight Cookie with a rich egg and milky aroma. Marie Biscuits, known for their century-long popularity and strong creamy fragrance since their launch in 1923 and the Chocochips Cookie with a blend of popular and crispy cocoa biscuits, offer a wonderful afternoon tea time to accompany you.

In September, we launched "Penfolds Koonunga Hill Chardonnay": This wine comes from a well-known winery and carries notes of cantaloupe and lime citrus, with subtle oak barrel nuances. It is a high-quality wine from a reputable Australian winery known for its good value.

In October, we introduced “Morinaga & Co., Ltd.’s” Stuffed Crispy Chocolate Ice Cream. This ice cream has a unique flavor due to the special addition of French Lorraine rock salt. The outer layer has a solid biscuit texture, resembling a pound cake and the vanilla ice cream inside melts in your mouth with a sweet and smooth taste. The center is filled with layers of crispy cocoa, providing a satisfying crunch that you won't be able to resist.

In December, we launched "Giró Ribot" a selection of Spanish Cava sparkling wine made from local grape varieties in L'Alt Penedès, Catalonia, Spain Macabeo, Xarel·lo and Parellada. Following traditional Champagne-making techniques, the region produces many unique and flavorful Cava Spanish sparkling wines.
In January, we became agent for “Jeju Samdasoo” from South Korea. The brand was originated from the World Heritage Jeju Volcanic Island and Lava Tubes. The water is being filtered through layers of volcanic rock formations and is rich in a variety of minerals.

In March, we introduced Classic Milk Candy Sundae from “Morinaga & Co., Ltd.” Upon opening the packaging, customers will be greeted by a beautiful landscape of cocoa ice cream flowers. The rich cocoa sauce intertwines with milk and cocoa ice cream, creating a delightful sensation with every bite. What's even more surprising is the layer of cocoa crisps in the middle, providing a crunchy and layered texture. Whether you savor it on your own or share it with your loved ones, you can experience the rich chocolate flavor and diverse textures in this sundae.

In April, “UNI DESSERT” and “HEMUNG“a popular shop in Taichung and the famous check-in place for influencers jointly produced the “Mung Bean and Job's tears Dessert” that syrup made with caramelized sugar is paired with mung beans pure for a refreshing and delicious taste. Large and plump mung beans imported from Australia are used to create this classic sweet Taiwanese mung bean soup.

In May, "UNI DESSERT" and 90 years old dessert store and the House of Bitter Tea jointly produced " White Fungus with Lotus Seeds Dessert," boiled with precious ingredients such as lotus seeds, wolfberry, tremella, red dates, etc. The lotus seeds are moderately firm, refreshing and delicious, and are known as a sacred product for health. The soup can be eaten either cold or hot.

In May, we introduced Grapefruit Ice Box from “Morinaga & Co., Ltd.”, which features a refreshing grapefruit flavor. This ice cream contains added vitamin C and utilizes an exclusive multi-petal ice crystal technology, giving each fruit ice a crispy ice crystal texture. With less than 15 calories per can, it's a low-calorie treat that allows you to fully enjoy it’s refreshing taste. Whether you enjoy it on its own or mix it with various juices or fizzy carbonated drinks, it's the perfect choice to quench your thirst during hot summer days or after exercising.

In July, “UNI DESSERT” and a 90-year-old dessert store, Coteahouse, collaborated to produce “UNI DESSERT RED BEANS WITH CANDIED TARO DESSERT.” Taro is steamed and soaked in sugar to make it soft and buttery. With sweetened adzuki bean paste, the soup is sweet, rich and delicious. The product can be eaten both chilled or heated.

In August, “South Korea Woongjin Foods” launched a new seasonal flavor, “Morning Rice black sesame ice cream cone”, in response to the retro trend! You can smell the aroma of black sesame ice cream as you open the package. With the full texture of Korean rice cakes, the ice cream cone is featured in Korean style! The bottom layer is paired with cocoa-flavored cookies. The rich taste makes you enjoy with every bite!

In August, we introduced “Kabaya Salinity Tablets”, the No. 1 brand of salt tablets in the Japanese salt market (No. 1 in the Japanese national salt tablet market in terms of cumulative sales amount from September, 2018 to August, 2020). With the thoughtful design by the Japanese brand, they are easy to carry in individual packages. After a sweaty workout in the hot summer, one tablet will provide you with good energy! Get strength with just one tablet!
In January, we introduced “Master Café”, one of our client brands, into the UK market.

In March, “NIJIYA” launched a series of Monaka ice cream pies imported from Japan. The soft Monaka crust is paired with a mellow filling for a rich and addictive taste.

In April, we introduced “KAISI” Oolong Tea into the Japanese market.

In May, we became agent for “Woongjin foods” from South Korea, which embodies the spirit of traditional Korean culture. The brand introduced the South Korea's representative green plum beverage and Morning Rice into the Newtro trend, which is South Korea's most popular new vintage style, and transformed them into ice cream. The sweetness and tartness of the green plum ice cream were paired with a double crispy ice layer. The mellow rice fragrance of the Morning Rice was combined with the chewy South Korean rice cakes to give consumers a novel food experience.

In August, we became agent for “Bama Spring”. Sourced from the world's renowned health sanctuary, Bama County, Guangxi, the water satisfies consumer desire for health. The water was 100% bottled in the source land where a complete water source protection system was established, and strict outgoing quality control was implemented. Its trendy packaging had fully portrays the classic and high end quality of the design, had won the gold medal in the 2013 Belgian Pentawards international packaging design competition.

In August, the "UNI DESSERT" partnered with the five-star Thai Chef Chakarin Sudsaidee to develop the "Taro Coconut Milk With Sago", a classic Thai-style sweet soup made with fragrant coconut milk paired with wild taro. The fragrant, sweet, and delicious soup could be eaten hot or cold. achieving great sales and complements over the internet.

In October, the “KAISI SELECTION” milk tea were being sold in South Korea's GS 25 convenience stores.

In December, we imported the “MORINIGA Hot Cake Mix 600g” from Japan. It is Japan's No. 1 selling pancake mix (No. 1 in cumulative gross sales in the pancake mix market between August 2016 and July 2019), and a classic product sold for 60 years. The pancakes could be easily made, sweetened or salted from the comfort of home!
In May, the “KAISI” Oolong Tea hit the shelves in South Korea's Lotte Supermarket.

In August, we became the agent for the well-known Swedish brand “OATLY” oat drink. The oat drink is vegan. Available at Starbucks, 7-Eleven's !+? Cafe Reserve and other specialty coffee shops, the sales have been skyrocketing ever since.

In October, “NIJIYA” had launched the Japanese-made cocktail (juice content 12%, alc.3%). The beautiful bottles, with a hint of smoky flavor and blends of imported Japanese fruit juice made it a popular item among consumers.

In October, we imported the “MORINAGA Ramune” from Japan. Packaged in tins in the classic shape of adorable nostalgic marble soda bottles, it has been a hot selling treat in Japan for 40 years. The launch of the Ramune Large Grain aroused a high level of discussion among college students and office workers. Each candy contains 90% glucose. The candies are easy-to-carry, and can be readily taken during commute for an energy boost.

In November, the “UNI DESSERT” launched the first Chinese style sweet soup"Red Bean And Black Glutinous Rice Dessert". It had fully responded to market demand by selecting premium ingredients and insisting on a tasty and high-quality product, creating an exquisite category of sweet soup to enhance the consumers’ food experience, an important milestone for "UNI DESSERT" .

In November, we had imported the “SWEETORY” Almond Chocoball from South Korea. The almond chocolate balls were made with the high quality of select almonds from the United States, baked using an exclusive technology and blended with a golden ratio of rich, fragrant chocolate to create first class product color, aroma, and taste. Exclusively listed in 7-11 stores, causing hot purchases by consumers.

In December, the annual export sales volume of our client brand "Master Café" exceeded 100 containers for the first time, creating a new milestone.
In February, we became agent for Thailand's leading instant noodle brand “MAMA” (founded in 1972). It is the most popular instant noodle brand in Thailand. Today, the name MAMA is synonymous with instant noodles in the local area and is also a must-buy item for tourists. The cup shrimp tom yum flavor noodle that we imported is one of MAMA's classic hot-selling items. The authentic hot and sour Thai soup with refreshing noodles is quite appetizing!

In April, we introduced the “KAISI” Oolong Tea into the US /UK market.

In August, we launched the “KAISI” micro-video commercial. The brand spirit is conveyed in a warm and touching narration, attracting a large number of viewers and arousing enthusiastic discussions in the forum. It successfully strengthened the brand power and promoted the brand value.

In September, we became agent for Japan's “KABAYA” Pureral Gummy, which is owned by the Ohayo Dairy Products Group. Starting out as a dairy business, the businesses of this Group now include Ohayo ice cream products, “KABAYA” Foods (candies and cookies), and other products, and it has repeatedly launched products that are hot topics.
In January, we introduced the “KAISI” Oolong Tea into the South Korean market.

In April, in order to promote the “Taiwan Trend - Drink Taiwanese Tea”, we designed the “KAISI” Quality Oolong Tea House, a 10-day pop-up experience store. Professional brewers were stationed on-site to prepare limited edition beverages in the “KAISI Tea House”. Consumers were invited to sample special blends of “KAISI” tea, the charm of quality tea, and experience the Taiwanese trend!

In October, “KAISI” Oolong Tea hit the shelves in 7-11 retail channels in the Philippines. In October, the KAISI Premium milk tea hit the shelves in South Korea's GS 25 convenience stores.

In October, we became agent for the South Korean brand "YOUUS", which is owned by the South Korean GS Retail Group. We imported a variety of popular candies, snacks and beverages. With their classic macaron colored packaging and eye-catching design, the snacks are both delicious and make great photos. The brand name comes from the YOU+US, and aims to develop products that all of us enjoy. It hopes to create a sense of trust, freshness and trendiness.
In April, we held a press conference on “KAISI” Oolong Tea to explain how “KAISI” Oolong Tea insists on using Taiwanese tea and self-manages the crop source in order to achieve three major quality standards for packaged tea: Source management, pesticide residue control, and complete use of Taiwanese tea without added flavorings. This is to ensure a complete health and safety system for production and marketing. With such diligence from KAISI, consumers can drink with a peace of mind.

In June, we introduced the “KAISI SELECTION” milk tea into the South Korean market.

In August, we launched the refrigerated “TAIT TEA” oolong green tea made with premium Taiwanese Ever-spring Paochong oolong tea leaves. The leaves are roasted using the method for roasting oolong tea to give the green tea brew a mild sweetness, mellow taste and natural fragrance. Designed by a renowned designer, the diamond pattern and pastel hues of the packaging is an interpretation of the product style.

In October, we launched the “NIJIYA” savory snacks. In the brand name “NIJIYA”, like a rainbow in the blue sky, it symbolizes a bridge connecting around the world. It upholds seven philosophies (creativity, high quality, vitality, natural, peace of mind, health, harmony), and adopts the spirit of Japanese craftsmanship as the core concept. It is committed to high quality to create classic best-selling products that are made in Japan and directly imported from Japan.
In January, we collaborated with the Executive Yuan's Council of Agriculture on a safety traceability system for tracking the original source of Taiwanese tea leaves. The origin of the tea leaves and inspection reports can be obtained from the QR code on the bottles of “KAISI” Oolong tea.

In January, we introduced “KAISI” Oolong Tea and “KAISI SELECTION” milk tea into the markets in Vietnam/ Guam/ Palau.

In May, we launched the refrigerated “TAIT TEA” oolong tea. Made using premium Taiwanese Ever-spring Paochong oolong tea leaves, the tea is packaged in bottles with rippled caps. The ingenious packaging design integrates the tea cup and tea bottle to create a market for high quality beverage in Taiwan.
In January, we introduced the “KAISI” Oolong Tea into the Hong Kong market.

In March, we introduced the “KAISI SELECTION” milk tea into the Hong Kong market.

In April, “KAISI SELECTION” milk tea hit the shelves in 7-11 retail channels in the Philippines. In October, the “KAISI SELECTION” milk tea hit the shelves in South Korea's GS 25 convenience stores.

In April, we became the agent for Uni-President's “Master Café” canned coffee in Israel/Cyprus.
In April, we became the agent for Japan's “Morinaga & CO., LTD.,” to import ice products and confections. The Milk Caramel Sandwich Ice-cream we imported has been a long-standing top-selling item and well-loved by consumers. Other popular series of ice products like Ice Box Grape, HI-CHEW Ice Bar (Grape), Ramune Bar. The brand aims to provide consumers with more delicious and happy selections.

In May, we became agent for Thailand's iconic “Singha” Premium Lager Beer. The double dose of Saaz hops from the Czech Republic and rigorously selected malt give the beer its refreshing taste, mild malt aroma and honeyed aftertaste.

In December, we became agent for “Starbucks” beverages from the United States. In December, we represented bottled beverages made by the US "Starbucks," which was founded in the Pike Place Market, Seattle, USA in 1971. Starbucks has consistently offered high-quality coffee beverages. Through each bottle of coffee, the unique Starbucks experience is brought into the daily life of each customer so that they can enjoy the rich and delicious taste of Starbucks anytime, anywhere!
In July, we established a company in Shanghai for sales in the Mainland market.
In February, we launched the “KAISI SELECTION” brand to develop a series of dessert products. In 2014, the product brand for the dessert series was renamed “UNI DESSERT”. Chinese desserts (grass jelly, tofu pudding, aiyu) and Western desserts (pudding, panna cotta) were launched to create a year-round dessert brand.
In December, we became agent for Spain's century-old “JGC” winery’s red wine.
In June, the Uni-President Enterprises Corporation obtained business rights.
In December, we obtained trademark use and business rights for “KAISI” Oolong Tea.
In February, we were approved for OTC trading at the TPEx.
In February, we were officially restructured into a company limited by shares.
Anping Port was officially opened, and the Tait Marketing & Distribution Co., Ltd. took the lead in setting up a branch in Anping, Tainan as the first base for trading in Taiwan, exporting sugar and camphor.
In 1845, the British Scottish businessman James Tait founded the Tait Marketing & Distribution Co., Ltd. in Xiamen, Fujian Province. It was a subsidiary of the British East India Company.