GOVERNANCE Corporate Governance

Corporate Governance Practice Team

Function of Each Division
Division Function
Secretariat to the Board of Directors Organize and implement contacts in pertinent to the general shareholders meetings, board meetings, auditing committee, and compensation committee.
ESG Committee Preview, monitor and promote the ESG activities
Ethical Corporate Management Practice Team Promotion of ethical policies and preventative measures.
Food Safety Audit Team Plan and manage the food safety of the entire company.
Marketing Group 1.Concluding contracts relating to merchandise distribution and private label development 
   for Tait Marketing & Distribution Co., Ltd.
2.Brand management, marketing planning and product planning.
3.Market information collection and development of new business opportunities,
   observation and execution of business trials, commercial negotiation and contract
4.Overseas procurement business planning and execution.
Business Group
/Leisure Food and Foreign Trade Business Group
1.Planning and execution of the company's business development strategy to ensure the
   achievement of the company's business objectives.
2.Signing and management of distributor and channel contracts, planning and execution of
   business performance system, customer credit management.
Administration Group:
Import/Corporate Planning)
1.Accounting,taxes,property management,cost calculation,and financial information
2.Fund planning and dispatch
3.In charge of strategy development and business process reengineering
4.Dealing with the issues of litigation incidents and legal affairs.
5.Dealing with the issues of importing and purchasing affairs
Logistics Department Warehouse management, staff and vehicle scheduling.
OEM Technology Department 1. Technical research and new product development for various products
2. Management of factory audit and counselling for outsourced production of products
3. Arranging production schedules after receiving orders according to business requirements
4. Reducing the cost of raw materials
General Affairs & Human Resources Division Recruiting, hiring, training, and development of our human forces.
Audit Division Ensure the effectiveness of internal control system,strengthen corporate govemance,and set up corporate risk assessment and rick management mechanism.
Information Security Division Planning,promotion,and management of information technology.