DIVIDEND Stock Info.

Dividend policy as outlined in the Company’s Articles 32 of Incorporation
       The Company is located in a volatile industrial environment and is in a stable growth phase of its corporate life cycle. The Board of Directors should consider the Company's future capital expenditure budget and capital requirements and weigh the need to fund the capital requirements with surplus before deciding on the amount of retained or distributed surplus and the amount of dividends to be distributed to shareholders in cash.
If there is any surplus in the annual accounts of the Company, the Company shall pay income tax and make up for the losses of previous years in accordance with the law. If there is any remaining balance, the Company shall first set aside 10% of the legal reserve, except when the legal reserve has reached the amount of paid-in capital. In addition, after the Company has set aside or reversed the special reserve in accordance with the law, the remaining balance may be added to the accumulated undistributed earnings of the previous year to form the accumulated distributable earnings. The bonus to shareholders should be 50% to 100% of the accumulated distributable earnings. The ratio of cash dividends shall not be less than 30% of the total dividends distributed for the year. The Board of Directors shall prepare a proposal for the distribution of earnings and submit it to the shareholders' meeting for resolution.