South Korea Jeju Sam Da Soo

Brand Introduction

The leading brand of South Korean mineral water with the No. 1 market share for six consecutive years!
(Data source: Nielsen, South Korea between 2017 to 2022).


Originating from the World Heritage Jeju Volcanic Island and Lava Tubes,
the water is filtered through layers of volcanic rock formations and is rich in a variety of minerals. This quality water from South Korea is pure and mild!

Won numerous first prizes, including the iTQi Superior Taste Award in 2020, and the South Korean Star Brands for 17 consecutive years(2006~2022).
Won the National Brand Competitiveness Index for 16 consecutive years(2007~2022), the Honorable Brand Index of the South Korea Standards Association for 10 consecutive years(2013~2022), the Most Popular Brand among consumers of the South Korea Standards
Association for 3 consecutive years(2020~2022), and numerous other honors.
It is also the designated drinking water in major international conferences such as the GS20 Summit and the Incheon 2014 Asian Games.