Date Subject file
Date 2024-05-29 Subject The board of directors made resolution on the record date of ex-dividend and cash distribution date. file
Date 2024-05-29 Subject Important resolutions of 2024 General Shareholders' Meeting file
Date 2024-05-29 Subject Announcement of the 20240529 Shareholder's Meeting to permit the directors to engage in competitive conduct. file
Date 2024-04-29 Subject Tait's BOD meetings resolved the financial file
Date 2024-04-19 Subject Announcement the expected date of the board of directors meeting to approve 2024 first quarter Consolidated Financial Results file
Date 2024-03-05 Subject Tait has been invited to participate in the online corporate briefing organized by Uni-President Securities on March 7th, 2024. file
Date 2024-02-23 Subject Resolution by the board of directors to distribute dividends file
Date 2024-02-23 Subject Change to the internal audit officer of the company file
Date 2024-02-23 Subject Change to the Acting spokesperson of the company file
Date 2024-02-23 Subject The Company's Board of Directors resolved to convene the 2024 Annual General Shareholders Meeting file